N. Radha

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In a Multimodal biometric system, the effective fusion method is necessary for combining information from various single modality systems. Two biometric characteristics are considered in this study: iris and fingerprint. Multimodal biometric system needs an effective fusion scheme to combine biometric characteristics derived from one or more modalities. The(More)
Authentication of users is an essential and difficult to achieve in all systems. Shared secrets like Personal Identification Numbers (PIN) or Passwords and key devices such as Smart cards are not presently sufficient in few situations. The biometric improves the capability to recognize the persons. A biometric identification system is an automatic(More)
In this paper personal verification method using finger-vein and signature is presented. Among many authentication systems finger-vein is promising as the foolproof method of automatic personal identification. Finger-vein and signature image is pre-processed and features are extracted using cross number concept and principle compound analysis. Fusion(More)
Biometrics refers to authentication techniques that rely on humans physical and behavioral characteristics that can be automatically checked. Biometric based authentication system provides robust security and ease of use than conventional methods of verification system. Multimodal biometric system is one of the major areas of study identified with large(More)
— With the extensive applications of fingerprint techniques in authentication systems, protecting the privacy of the fingerprint becomes an important issue. Traditional encryption is not sufficient for fingerprint privacy protection because decryption is required before the fingerprint matching, which exposes the fingerprint to the attacker. Therefore, in(More)
  • N Gomathy Mphil, N Radha, M Sc, Phd
  • 2014
— A distributed computer network is a special type of network, which facilitates the customers to use different network services which is provided by the service providers. In the distributed computer networks, user verification is an important process for the security. In the verification process, the decision is taken whether the user is legal or illegal(More)
  • N Gomathy Mphil, N Radha, M Sc, Phd
  • 2014
— The wireless and mobile communication systems have enormous growth in recent years because many people use mobile devices for acquiring different services like browsing, multimedia applications and file sharing etc. Mobile IPv6 (MIPv6) is probably the most extensively known IP mobility support protocol when compared to the Mobile IPv4. But in the Mobile(More)
The important aspect of all verification system is authentication and security. This aspect necessitates the development of a method that ensures user security and privacy. The traditional methods such as tokens and passwords provide security to the users. Uncertainly, the attackers can easily compromise these techniques. In recent years, the combination of(More)