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This report describes a method for the solubilization of a micro-particulate beta-D-glucan. Insoluble glucan is dissolved in methyl sulfoxide and urea (8M) and partially phosphorylated at 100 degrees. The resulting water-soluble product is called glucan phosphate. The conversion rate is 70%, and the preparation is endotoxin free as determined by the Limulus(More)
This report describes the development, characterization and preclinical efficacy evaluation of water soluble glucan sulfate. Glucan sulfate was derived from insoluble beta-1,3-D-glucan isolated from Saccharomyces cerevisiae. The proposed repeating unit empirical formula of glucan sulfate is [(C6H10O5)5.3H2SO4]n. Two polymer peaks were resolved by aqueous(More)
Soluble glucan, a beta-1,3-linked glucopyranose biological response modifier, is effective in the therapy of experimental neoplasia, infectious diseases and immune suppression. Currently, soluble glucan is undergoing phase I clinical trials. The present study describes the pre-clinical safety evaluation of soluble glucan in mice, rats, guinea pigs and(More)
Glucan is a potent reticuloendothelial stimulant whose immunobiological activity is mediated, in part, by an increase in the number and function of macrophages. In studying the role of glucan as a mediator of antibacterial activity, we attempted to ascertain the ability of glucan to modify the mortality of mice with experimentally induced Gram-positive(More)