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Fifty-six patients with high anorectal anomalies treated by anorectoplasty at the Royal Children's Hospital, Melbourne were assessed clinically after 5–32 years. Each patient was graded by the Kelly, Templeton, Kiesewetter, and Wingspread continence scoring methods. Grades of continence assessed by each method had substantial or excellent concordance,(More)
As part of a long-term follow-up review of anorectal anomalies treated at the Royal Children's Hospital, Melbourne, we examined 70 patients with translevator (low) anomalies treated by a perineal operation and assessed their anorectal function by four clinical scoring methods (Kelly, Templeton, Kiesewetter, and Wingspread). The results were compared(More)
PASQL is an extension to SQL that allows users of a distributed database to specify privacy constraints on an SQL query evaluation plan. However, privacy constraints can be difficult for users to specify, and worse yet, all possible situations that could lead to a privacy violation may not be known to the user a priori. To address these challenges, we(More)
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