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Cognitive radio is an emerging technology in wireless communication for efficient utilization of the underutilized spectrum and alleviates the spectrum scarcity. Smart antennas efficiently utilize the spectrum in cognitive radio networks. In this paper, the cognitive system consists of the secondary user, which is equipped with the multiple antennas in the(More)
Cyber Physical Energy Systems (CPES) development requires the combination of distributed intelligence to fulfill the future complex tasks and reach the increase the energy demands. Electrical Industrial Systems (EIS) are in continuous evolving integrating new technologies allowing to a better performance and increase the efficiency. This paper applies the(More)
In this study we will study the effects of Carrier Frequency Offset (CFO) upon Signal to Noise Ratio (SNR) for an OFDM system. We will also present performance analysis of two CFO estimation schemes: time domain Cyclic Prefix (CP) based estimation scheme and frequency domain based Moose scheme, Simulation results show that frequency domain based scheme can(More)
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