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This study evaluates a technique for delivering an oral rabies vaccine to wild raccoon (Procyon lotor) populations. Various baits and attractants were first tested on caged raccoons and baiting trials were then conducted in two distinct physiographic regions of Virginia (USA), the coastal plain and the Piedmont plateau. Raccoon population density studies(More)
This chapter discusses a project of curriculum development for the non-formal educational sector. The project aims at student learning about sustainability issues in a chemistry-related context. For this purpose, non-formal laboratory-based learning environments are developed. The learning environments center round half-or one-day visits of secondary school(More)
Developing skills and attitudes among students in terms of Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) requires that educators address issues of sustainability in both formal and non-formal education. However, up to now, ESD seems to have been insufficiently implemented in secondary science education in many countries in general, and in high school(More)
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