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A novel staged continuous Tabu search (SCTS) algorithm is proposed for solving global optimization problems of multi-minima functions with multi-variables. The proposed method comprises three stages that are based on the continuous Tabu search (CTS) algorithm with different neighbor-search strategies, with each devoting to one task. The method searches for(More)
We report a widely tunable single-frequency linear-cavity erbium-doped fiber laser covering both the conventional wavelength band (C-band) and the long wavelength band (L-band). The laser has low threshold, high slope efficiency and high signal-to-noise radio. A large tuning range of over 100 nm is realized by optimization of the active fiber length.
The design and analysis of an Nth-order optical integrator using the digital filter technique is presented. The optical integrator is synthesized using planar-waveguide technology. It is shown that a first-order optical integrator can be used as an optical dark-soliton detector by converting an optical dark-soliton pulse into an optical bell-shaped pulse(More)
We show analytically and numerically that a practically realizable first-order optical Hilbert transformer (OHT) can simultaneously function as a negative/positive first-order temporal optical differentiator (OD) in the stopband and a broadband ±90° phase shifter in the passbands. An integrated-optic OHT based on a four-tap finite impulse response filter is(More)
Thin films of (x)GeO2:(1-x)SiO2, 0 </= x </= 0.4, were fabricated via the sol-gel technique. Many applications of optics and photonics can benefit from the knowledge of the optical dispersion relationship of this ubiquitous binary ceramic material. The optical properties of the homogeneous and amorphous silica-based films were derived by spectroscopic(More)
A spacing-tunable multiwavelength Raman fiber laser with an independently-adjustable channel number is proposed and demonstrated. It uses a novel free-spectral-range (FSR)-tunable comb filter based on a superimposed chirped-fiber Bragg grating (CFBG) and a linear cavity formed by a bandwidth-tunable CFBG reflector, a pumped highly-nonlinear fiber for Raman(More)
We propose a new method for the development of a tunable optical bandpass filter (TOBF) based on a linearly chirped fiber Bragg grating (LCFBG). A NiCr wire heater is used to heat the LCFBG at a small point to introduce a narrow passband within the stop band of the LCFBG. The central wavelength of the passband is tuned by scanning the wire heater along the(More)
We numerically investigate the effects of the active fiber length on the tunability of erbium-doped fiber ring lasers for the cases of with and without pair-induced quenching (PIQ). The numerical results are confirmed by experiments. We have found that the tuning range shifts from C-band to L-band with an increase in the active fiber length. A maximum(More)
In this paper, we present a novel reflow technique for the fabrication of an elliptical microlens array in sol-gel glass. The fabricated refractive microlens array has a very smooth surface, and structural and dimensional conformity with the designed parameters. It is shown that the microlens array can provide high coupling efficiency of a laser diode to a(More)