N. Praneeth Kumar

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—We consider point to point link scheduling in Spatial Time Division Multiple Access (STDMA) wireless networks under the physical interference model. We propose a novel link scheduling algorithm based on a line graph representation of the network, by embedding the interferences between pairs of nodes into the edge weights of the line graph. Our algorithm(More)
BACKGROUND Early and non-invasive determination of blood glucose level is of great importance. We aimed to present a new technique to accurately infer the blood glucose concentration in peripheral blood flow using non-invasive optical monitoring system. METHODS The data for the research were obtained from 900 individuals. Of them, 750 people had diabetes(More)
This study proposed a cost effective method of wind energy conversion system (WECS) incorporating permanent magnet generator (PMG) and single stage power converter. Axial flux PMG can generate rated voltage and frequency even at a lower speed and hence more suitable for direct drive WECS. To get desired voltage and frequency in continuously varying wind(More)
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