N. Polat Ayerden

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In this paper, we focus on blind source cell-phone identification problem. The main idea is that proprietary interpolation algorithm (involved due to the structure of color filter array [CFA]) leaves footprints in the form of correlations across adjacent bit planes of images. For this purpose, we explore a set of binary similarity measures, image quality(More)
We consider the problem of detection with side information to model robust signal hashing for content tracking. The receiver observes corrupted (by additive colored Gaussian noise) message signals and performs detection, knowing the noise statistics and only some partial information about the message set, which is obtained via applying a(More)
In 2004, A. Gouget and H. Sibert proposed a new keystream generator called the bit search generator (BSG), to provide high resistance against algebraic attacks. BSG has a very simple algorithm and attractive properties. However it has been cryptanalyzed in different studies by using the fact that output of BSG can be uniquely expressed by differential of(More)
In this paper, the bit-search type irregular decimation algorithms, that are used within linear-feedback shift register (LFSR)-based stream ciphers, are investigated. In particular, bit-search generator (BSG) and and its variant ABSG are concentrated on and two different setups are considered for the analysis. In the first case, the input is assumed to be(More)
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