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This article proposes a Built-In Self-Test (BIST) method to accurately measure the combinatorial circuit delays on an FPGA. The flexibility of the on-chip clock generation capability found in modern FPGAs is employed to step through a range of frequencies until timing failure in the combinatorial circuit is detected. In this way, the delay of any(More)
Reliability and process variability are serious issues for FPGAs in the future. Fortunately FPGAs have the ability to reconfigure in the field and at runtime, thus providing opportunities to overcome some of these issues. This paper provides the first comprehensive survey of fault detection methods and fault tolerance schemes specifically for FPGAs, with(More)
Progress in VLSI technology is driven by increasing circuit density through process scaling, but with shrinking geometry comes an increasing threat to reliability. FPGAs are uniquely placed to tackle degradation and faults due to their regular structure and ability to reconfigure, giving them the potential to implement system-level reliability enhancements.(More)
Dynamic routing can substantially enhance the quality of service for multiprocessor communication, and can provide intelligent adaptation of faulty links during run time. Implementing dynamic routing on a network-on-chip (NoC) platform requires a design that provides highly efficient optimal path computation coupled with reduced area and power consumption.(More)
B r a n don B lodg et, J a m es A n der s on Pa tr ick L y s a g h t T ob ia s B eck er U n iv ers ität K arls ru h e (T H), K ais ers traß e 1 2-7 6 1 3 1 K arls ru h e, G erm an y ABSTRACT Modular systems implemented on Field-Programmable G ate A rrays c an benefi t from being able to load and unload modules at run-time, a c onc ept th at is of muc h(More)
The increasing ubiquity of embedded digital video capture creates demand for high-throughput, low-power, flexible and adaptable integrated image processing systems. An architecture for a system-on-a-chip solution is proposed, based on reconfigurable computing. The inherent system modularity and the communication infrastructure are targeted at enhancing(More)
Variations in the semiconductor fabrication process results in variability in parameters between transistors on the same die, a problem exacerbated by lithographic scaling. The re-configurability of Field-Programmable Gate Arrays presents the opportunity to compensate for within-die delay variability. This paper presents three reconfiguration-based(More)
The recent development of platform-FPGA or field-programmable system-on-chip architectures, with immersed coarse-grain processors, embedded memories and IP cores, offers the potential for immense computing power as well as opportunities for rapid system prototyping. These platforms require high-performance on-chip communication architectures for efficient(More)