N. Perez Corona

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The flux control distribution of the net rate of state 3 respiration was determined in heart and kidney mitochondria incubated with low concentrations of pyruvate (0.5 mM) or 2-oxoglutarate (1 mM), and in conditions that led to activation of NAD-linked dehydrogenases, i.e., high substrate or Ca2+ concentrations. Control of flux was exerted by the ATP/ADP(More)
The existence of tissue-specific isozymes of cytochrome c oxidase has been widely documented. We have now studied if there are differences between subunits of mitochondrial bc1 complexes isolated from liver and heart. For this purpose, we have developed a method for the purification of an active ubiquinol-cytochrome c oxidoreductase from adult bovine liver(More)
The effect of triphenyltin on mitochondrial Ca2+ content was studied. It was found that this trialkyltin compound induces an increase in membrane permeability that leads to Ca2+ release, drop of the transmembrane potential, and efflux of matrix proteins. Interestingly, cyclosporin A was unable to inhibit triphenyltin-induced Ca2+ release. Based on these(More)
There is no doubt that system complexity is increasing. There are a number of ramifications of this increase in complexity, besides higher performance. On one hand conventional means of testing are being overwhelmed by the complexity. On the other there are more sources of information about the system. System data is fragmented by time and discipline. Early(More)
Ketorolac is an analgesic drug known to induce its therapeutic effect by inhibiting prostaglandin synthesis. In this work we introduce the nonsteroidal antialgesic drug as a compound with ionophoretic properties for calcium ions, showing that ketorolac induces mitochondrial Ca++ release. This reaction did not depend on an uncoupler-like action, because the(More)
This work reports an investigation which demonstrate that the addition of ADP is necessary to attain the protective effect of cyclosporin on the carboxyatractyloside-induced mitochondrial Ca2+ release. Evidence are presented which indicate that the effect of ADP is exerted by increasing the inhibitory action of cyclosporin on the enzyme cyclophilin.
The objective of the IEEE P1522 Testability and Diagnosability Metrics standard is to provide notionally correct and mathematically precise definitions of testability measures that may be used to either measure the testability characteristics of a system, or predict the testability of a system. Notionally correct means that the measures are not in conflict(More)
The protective effect of cyclosporin A on the damage induced by Hg2+ in kidney mitochondria was studied. Cyclosporin, added in vitro at a concentration of 0.5 microM, reversed the deleterious effects of Hg2+ on transmembrane potential and Ca2+ accumulation. However, when injected in rats, together with Hg2+, cyclosporin failed to protect against Hg2+(More)
1. Addition of fluorescamine (75 microM) to mitochondria induced an increase in membrane permeability. 2. The leakiness of the inner mitochondrial membrane is characterized by extensive release of accumulated Ca2+, collapse of the transmembrane potential, mitochondrial swelling and efflux of matrix proteins, among them, malate dehydrogenase. 3. These(More)
The effect of external free Ca2+ ([Ca2+]ex) on the 2-oxoglutarate dehydrogenase (2-OGDH) activity and the rate of state 3 respiration was studied in dog pancreas and adrenal cortex mitochondria. A method for the preparation of mitochondria from pancreas, free of zymogen granules, was developed. The mitochondria showed high respiratory control values and(More)