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In choice test experiments on strawberry leaf disc arenas the phytoseiid mites Neoseiulus californicus and N. cucumeris were more effective than Typhlodromus pyri as predators of the phytophagous mites Tetranychus urticae and Phytonemus pallidus. There were no preferences shown for either prey by any of these predators. In multiple predator leaf disc(More)
Extensive sampling of strawberry plants in everbearing and June-bearing strawberry plantations and on potted plants showed that different species of mites were spatially separated. Of the two phytophagous species recorded, Tetranychus urticae was most abundant on old leaves and Phytonemus pallidus on folded leaves and flower/fruit clusters. Predatory(More)
When building a data pipeline to process medical claims there are many instances where automated classification schemes could be used to improve speed and efficiency. Medical bills can be classified by the statutory environment which determines appropriate adjudication of payment disputes. We refer to this classification result as the adjudication type of a(More)
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