N. Parrington

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The Online Book-keeper (OBK) was developed to keep track of past data taking activity, as well as providing the hardware and software conditions during physics data taking to the scientists doing offline analysis. The approach adopted to build the OBK was to develop a series of prototypes, experimenting and comparing different DBMS systems for data storage.(More)
I.Alexandrov, A.Amorim, E.Badescu, M.Barczyk, D.Burckhart-Chromek, M.Caprini, M.Dobson, J.Flammer, R.Hart, R.Jones, A.Kazarov, S.Kolos, V.Kotov, D.Liko, L.Lucio, L.Mapelli, M.Mineev, L.Moneta, I.Papadopoulos, M.Nassiakou, N.Parrington, L.Pedro, A.Ribeiro, Yu.Ryabov, D.Schweiger, I.Soloviev, H.Wolters 1) Joint Institute for Nuclear Research, Dubna, Russia 2)(More)
A novel, World Wide Web based, method of promoting software quality through reuse is described. It is widely accepted in the Software Engineering literature, that the reuse of existing, proven, software components can lead to better quality systems being delivered in reduced time scales. Previous work at the University of Sunderland has lead to the(More)
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