N. Parker

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This paper presents a summary of the design and implementation of a force-reflecting controller for conventional heavy duty hydraulic machines. The unsuitability of direct force feedback with rate control has been shown analytically and confirmed on a simulator of a typical hydraulic machine. A novel stiffness control scheme was developed to circumvent this(More)
The human interface of a Caterpillar 325FB feller-buncher was modiied to allow the operator to use i a 5-DOF joystick, and ii a 6-DOF magnetically-levitated joystick with stiiness feedback. While the operator commanded the velocity of the endpoint, an onboard computer system managed total system power, solved the inverse kinematics, servoed the joint(More)
CAM 17.1-Ab is a recently described monoclonal antibody that detects a mucus glycoprotein with high specificity for intestinal mucus, particularly in the colon, small intestine, biliary tract and pancreas. We investigated the expression and release of CAM 17.1 in pancreatic carcinoma cell lines and tissue specimens of normal pancreas, chronic pancreatitis(More)
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