N. Pandey

A. K. Vishwakarma1
B. M. Prasanna1
Firoz Hossain1
H. S. Gupta1
1A. K. Vishwakarma
1B. M. Prasanna
1Firoz Hossain
1H. S. Gupta
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The effects of Zn deficiency on antioxidant responses of two pea (Pisum sativum L.) genotypes, a Zn-efficient IPFD-99-13 and Zn-inefficient KPMR-500, grown in sand culture were studied. In the pea genotype KPMR-500, Zn deficiency decreased dry matter yield, tissue Zn concentration, and antioxidant enzyme activities istronger than in the genotype IPFD-99-13.(More)
Sweet corn has emerged as one of the popular choices as fresh and processed vegetables, worldwide. Two genes namely, sugary1 (su1) and shrunken2 (sh2) that cause significant increase in sugar levels of endosperm, have been extensively used in sweet corn cultivar development. In order to identify and validate microsatellite/SSR markers linked to su1 and sh2,(More)
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