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The responses of FSH, LH and testosterone to acute stimulation with synthetic LRF were studied in 6 healthy, fertile men aged 33.4 plus or minus 1.6 yr (X plus or minus SE). Fifty mug of LRF were given, iv at 0600 h, 1200 h, 1800 h and 0000 h, at 1-week intervals, to all 6 volunteers simultaneously. Blood samples were collected by venipuncture before (-5(More)
The LH FSH estradiol and progesterone responses to acute stimulation with LH-RH were studied in 12 normal women with ovulatory cycles (4 in the initial follicular phase, 4 in the mid-follicular phase and 4 in the late follicular phase) and in two castrated women, two under hormonal contraception, two with ovarian amenorrhea, twelve with central amenorrhea(More)
In three normally cycling women studied daily from day 10 to 17 of the menstrual cycle, the levels of circulating norepinephrine showed a sharp rise preceding or concomitantly with the ovulatory LH surge. In two patients the norepinephrine peak took place 24 hr. previously to the LH rise and in the third one it occurred simultaneously. The simultaneous(More)
The content of catecholamines in the Fallopian tube and the uterus and the plasma levels of estradiol and progesterone were studied in cycling women. During the follicular phase norepinephrine levels were 33.4+/-7.1, 50.5+/-8.0, and 145.7+/-43.6 ng. per gram of wet tissue in the external, middle, and internal segments of the Fallopian tube, respectively.(More)
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