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The work deals with the results of determination of specific antibodies in blood donors of Moscow and Tula and in patients with alimentary toxicoinfection, made with the use of enzyme immunoassay on the basis of Yersinia enterocolitica lipopolysaccharides (LPS), serovars O3 and O9. The sera of patients with alimentary toxicoinfection were found to yield(More)
In the process the cultivation of H. influenzae, type b, in semisynthetic nutrient medium with aminopeptide base the growth of the bacteria and the synthesis of capsular polysaccharide were shown to depend on the concentrations of aminopeptide, nicotinamide adenine nucleotide (NAD) and hemin. An increase in the concentrations of NAD and hemin stimulated the(More)
124 sera of children with chronic bronchitis, chronic pneumonia, bronchial asthma, exogenic allergic alveolitis, congenital developmental defects of the lungs and the syndrome of the situs inversus of organs were examined with a view to study the state of humoral immunity to tissues. The study was carried out by means of the enzyme-linked immunosorbent(More)
Presence of IgG autoantibodies to broad spectrum of tissues' antigens in patients with diabetic retinopathy under type I diabetes mellitus was studied. Increased levels of antibodies to different antigens were observed in 56% of patients. Increased levels of antibodies to hypophysis, denaturated DNA, and myelin basic protein were detected most frequently.(More)
Enzyme immunoassay systems on the basis of S. aureus teichoic acids, peptidoglycan and polysaccharide-containing preparation are incapable of reliably diagnosing the staphylococcal nature of postoperative complications in oncological patients.
51 bacterial strains were studied with a view to find out anticandidial activity; of these, 15 strains were found to have activity, more on less expressed with respect to fungi of the genus Candida. In most cases the anticandidial activity of an antagonist strain was manifested to a similar degree against several Candida strains. The preliminary analysis of(More)
Cryptogenic fibrosing alveolitis (CFA) is a severe autoimmune disease of unclear etiology and prognostically unfavorable. The complexity of the diagnostics of this disease makes it necessary to search for new methods; for this reason immunity in CFA patients must be studied. The study of humoral organ-specific, organ-unspecific and antibacterial immunity of(More)
Cultures of Bordetella pertussis from phases of exponential growth, retarded growth and from stationary phase were obtained during periodic dynamic cultivation. Preparations for intravenous immunization of rabbits were made from these cultures. Levels of IgG to pertussis toxin, cell walls preparations from 12 bacterial species, 4 organo-specific antigens,(More)
AIM To study protective activity of recombinant construction of heat-shock protein with lypopolysaccharide (rcHSP-LPS) as well as its variants (with destroyed protein or bounded LPS) against Salmonella typhimurium. It was also planned to study the ability of rcHSP-LPS to interact with toll-like receptors (TLRs) expressed on continuous cell lines. (More)