N. P. Speranskaya

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The effect of amphetamine, imipramine, haloperidol, and droperidol administered daily for i0 days on the formation of the avoidance reaction was studied in albino rats in response to nociceptive electrical stimulation of another rat. All the drugs stimulated the formation of this reaction especially during the period of their administration. In some rats(More)
Rats exposed to the prolonged action of an emotionally adverse factor (the response of a neighboring rat to nociceptive stimulation) develop neurosis as a result of which the course of defensive motor conditioning is disturbed. Benactyzine, diazepam, chlordiazepoxide, and sodium hydroxybutyrate improve the formation of defensive conditioned reflexes in(More)
Experiments on rats showed that sodium hydroxybutyrate in small doses inhibits the avoidance reaction to stimulation of the partner and motivated aggression in much smaller doses than it inhibits the conditioned defensive reflex and unmotivated aggression, it prevents the disturbance of attention and of a positive attitude toward the situation after(More)
The aminoalkyl ethers (Via,b-Villa,b) were synthesized by alkylation of the antiand syn-isomers of phenyl 3-pyridyl ketoxime (XIIa,b) aS their sodium salts with the aminoalkyl chlorides in dry DMF. Compound IXa was obtained by a similar route to that used for the synthesis of the ethers (l-V) (cf. Table I). Oximes XIIa and b were assigned to the antiand(More)
M. Melandri, A. Buttini, G. Parminate, et al., Chim. Ther. i, 212-220 (1966); Chem. Abstr., 66, 2533 (1967). V. Daushkas and G. Mil'vedene, Scientific Proceedings of Litovsk SSR University, Chemistry and Chemical Technology, 9, 93-99 (1968). French Patent No. M 5504, 1967; Chem. Abstr., 71, 91286 (1969). German Patent No. 1921652, 1969; Chem. Abstr., 72,(More)
We previously reported [i] that spiro compounds of the 1,2,3,4-tetrahydro-T-carboline series (III) or isomeric compounds, to which the structure of the corresponding imines (IV) was ascribed on the basis of their properties, are formed during the cyclization of I-R2(8aminoisobutyl)indoles (I) with various cyclic ketones (II) depending on the conditions(More)
The author studied the effect of the combination of the following hypotensive drugs on the blood pressure of dogs with normal blood pressure and with experimental hypertension: gendon-increpan, gendon-dibasol, increpan-dibasol. The preparations were given per os for 10 days. The blood pressure was measured in the carotid artery enclosed in a skin flap. The(More)
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