N. P. Oleksenko

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It was found that addition of an extract from embryonic neural tissue (ENT), which contained 150 μg/ml proteins, to the culture medium favored viability of catecholaminergic neurons in cultured explants of the midbrain and medulla of newborn rats and establishment of contacts among these neurons. Addition of the ENT extract increased the dopamine level,(More)
Active anti-stroke fraction of Cerebral preparation (extract of water-soluble molecules from brain tissue of animals with hemorrhagic stroke) decreased caspase-3 expression and improved survival of experimental animals in the acute period after hemorrhagic stroke.
The aim of the research was to establish cultured population of nerve cells reached by cholinergic neurons and their determinative precursors. The most effective combination of neuroinductors which stimulated cholinergic cells differentiation from the nerve stem cells was retinoic acid and acetylcholine. During the period of culturing the amount of ChAT+(More)
We have examined the mitogenic and differentiation potential and remyelination properties of human embryonic nerve cells in culture. After 1 month of cultivation without differentiation agents CNP-positive cells (the mitotically-active precursors of oligodendrocytes) were expanded at 3,6 times. At the same time the amount of GalC-positive cells (mature(More)
The influence of magnitolaser radiation on the striated acetylcholinergic neurons was tested on the tissue culture derived from a newborn rat's brain. After 5 days of cultivation of brain cells, the authors carried out 10 everyday sessions using a magnitolaser "KMILTA" with infrared radiation. It was established on the bases of obtained results that AchE(More)
The growth characteristics of a fraction of the human embryonic brain Nest-positive cells cultivated in vitro are the subject of the study. Our data demonstrate a probable increase in the content of Nest-positive cells in the cell population from 44.1 to 62.5% as a response to the presence of EGF and bFGF in a growth medium supplemented with(More)
The aim of the study was to obtain a neural cell population enriched in culture with cholinergic neurons and their determined precursors. It has been established that the joint application of retinoic acid and acetylcholine appears to be the most efficient combination of neuroinductors, stimulating the differentiation of cholinergic neurons from neural stem(More)
The aim of our experiments was to determine the dofaminergic differentiation potential of human embryonic nerve tissue in culture to obtain cell material for neurotransplantation enriched with determinative dofaminergic cells precursors. During the period of culturing their amount in the experimental samples reliable increased from 5.6 +/- 4.3% dofaminergic(More)
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