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To investigate the phylogenetic relationships and geographical structure among landlocked populations of the black mudfish, Neochanna diversus, mitochondrial DNA nucleotide sequence data were sampled from seven populations from the Waikato and Northland regions of New Zealand. The complete D-loop region was sequenced from 70 individuals, with 913 bp from(More)
Water movements, of both abiotic and biotic origin, provide a wealth of information for fishes. They detect these water movements by arrays of hydrodynamic sensors located on the surface of the body as superficial neuromasts and embedded in subdermal lateral line canals. Recently, the anatomical dichotomy between superficial and canal neuromasts has been(More)
For non-Kolmogorov turbulence we develop a differential angle-of-arrival fluctuation coefficient, which is the ratio between the transverse and longitudinal differential angle-of-arrival variances, and a slope structure-correlation coefficient, which is the ratio between the transverse and longitudinal differences of the slope correlation function and the(More)
The natural incidence of deformities in the head capsules of Chironomus zealandicus was investigated at four lake sites in the central North Island (New Zealand) in summer (December) of 1994, 1995 and 1996, and winter (June) of 1995 and 1996. Significant differences were observed in deformities between sites and seasons. Individuals from Hamurana Stream, a(More)
In optical propagation through atmospheric turbulence, the performance of compensation with adaptive optics depends on a beacon's spatial distribution. With distributed beacons, the inefficiency of the modal correction, which is defined as the ratio of the anisoplanatic error of the jth mode and the Zernike-coefficient variance, is derived by use of the(More)
This paper simulates air flow in inlet manifold in some engine with CFD calculation method. Results coincide well with experimental data, which indicates that turbulence in bend is the principal factor of flow loss. On the basis of spatial arrangement, the structure of inlet manifold is redesigned and optimized. Cross section of bend is designed as oblate(More)
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