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A survey of 106 medical students assessing their interest in and attitudes to medical ethics in the curriculum is reported by the authors. Results indicate that 64 per cent of the students rated the importance of medical ethics to good medical care as high or critical and 66 per cent desired to learn more about the topic. However, in reports of patient(More)
2The immunogenicity and reactogenicity of inactivated influenza A/New Jersey/76 (Hsw1N1) whole-virus vaccine administered intradermally (40 chick cell-agglutinating units/0.1-ml dose) and intramuscularly (im; 200 chick cell-agglutinating units/0.5-ml dose) to human adults were evaluated. Among 18-24-year-old persons initially free of detectable antibody,(More)
Chronic active hepatitis is frequently associated with a variety of serologic abnormalities. A patient with chronic active hepatitis and a circulating anticoagulant to factors XI and XII is described. Circulating anticoagulants should be suspected in patients with chronic active hepatitis and a prolonged partial thromboplastin time. This risk of liver(More)
In this preliminary study, we attempted to determine whether diabetic subjects with a positive family medical history for diabetes have a better understanding of their own disease (ie., of its course, treatment, and genetic characteristics) than diabetic subjects without diabetes in their histories. We interviewed 50 diabetic subjects and scored their(More)
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