N P G Ramya

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  • N Ramya, K Rangarajan, R Sattanathan
  • 2012
Graph labeling is an important area of research in Graph theory. There are many kinds of graph labeling such as Graceful labeling, Magic labeling, Prime labeling, and other different labeling techniques.In this paper the Prime labeling of certain classes of graphs are discussed.It is of interest to note that H-graph which is a 3 –regular graph satisfy Prime(More)
In wireless multimedia sensor networks coverage area and redundant sensor are a major problem thus throughput is minimum and more delay .In order to optimize the network coverage, use a coverage-enhancing algorithm based on overlap-sense ratio. By adjusting the sensing directions of the nodes, the coverage area is increased with the reduction of complexity.(More)
— There is a growing need to digitize and automate the available data in the world and make it available through a digital library. But, the conventional methods of storage and retrieval of data in the form of logical data structure of a database management (DBMS) cannot totally satisfy the requirements for a conceptual definition of data, because it is(More)
A path in an edge colored graph is said to be a rain bow path if no two edges on the path have the same color. An edge colored graph is rainbow connected if there exists a rainbow path between every pair of vertices. The rainbow connectivity of a graph G, denoted by rc(G) is the smallest number of colors required to edge color the graph such that the graph(More)
The objective of this study was to examine the coping patterns followed by the junior college students. Further, an extensive effort was done to study the gender differences in coping patterns used by the students. This study was conducted in Christ College, Bangalore and on the first and second-year students of pre-university studying in either of the(More)
In this paper, The proposed novel architecture and FPGA implementation is for high performance real time face detection engine for various illumination in mobile applications.MCT(modified census transform) and adaboost algorithms are the basic algorithms used for face detection engine. The hardware architecture of face detection engine is for(More)
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