N P Dikinene

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Synthesis of the IgG-binding factor was estimated by the amount of labeled [14C]hydrolysate of proteins in the total synthesized de novo protein. The obtained data showed that the IgG binding factor which was synthesized by blood lymphocytes of the normal cattle and that suffered from chronic leukemia had a molecular weight of 72 kDa and was revealed before(More)
The binding of IgG to lymphocyte Fc receptors in the blood of healthy cattle and of cattle with chronic lympholeukemia has been studied by fluorometric techniques before and after the incubation of lymphocytes in a serum-free medium at 37 degrees C. The study has shown that changes in the intensity of binding of IgG to Fc receptors of normal and leukemic(More)
The segmental flexibility of molecules from two IgG subclasses of cows' blood serum was first observed. It was shown that IgG1 molecule has a more flexible hinge region than IgG2 molecule and lower local conformational stability. At the same time the states of IgG1 and IgG2 molecules determined by dynamic-steric characteristics for ill and healthy cows(More)
Bovine blood lymphocytes taken from normal cows and those suffering from chronic lymphocytic leukemia were cultured in complete medium 199 with 10% of heat-inactivated fetal bovine serum. After a 48 hour culturing an enhanced quantity of the Fc-receptor bound fluoresceinated immunoglobulin G (IgG) was established. When lymphocyte fractions enriched with T-(More)
Incubation of bovine blood lymphocytes in the medium without serum at 37 degrees C caused the spontaneous release of immunoglobulin G-binding factor (IBF-IgG), which was isolated from the medium by the affinity chromatography on IgG, immobilized on sepharose 4B. The electrophoretic analysis showed one polypeptide chain with a molecular weight of 72000(More)
A technique for purifying intact bovine leukemia virus (BLV) and a procedure for preparing gag protein (p24) and envelope glycoprotein (gp 51) from intact BLV are described. The preparation method employs solubilization of BLV by n-octyl-beta-D-Glycopyranoside and sodium desoxycholate with following ultracentrifugation in a linear 10-60% sucrose gradient.(More)
Spin-label was bound to carbohydrates of Fc-region of two subclasses of the IgG molecule from the blood serum of healthy and ill cows. By the value of rotational correlation time (10 nsec) internal flexibility of Fc-region of both IgG subclasses and by value of the order parameter (S = 0.9)--rigid attachment of oligosaccharide chains to protein parts of the(More)
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