N. P. Diamantopoulos

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The peak-to-average power ratio (PAPR) and optical beat interference (OBI) effects are examined thoroughly in orthogonal frequency-division multiplexing access (OFDMA)-passive optical networks (PONs) at a signal bit rate up to $$\sim 20\,\mathrm{{Gb}}/{\hbox {s}}$$ ∼ 20 Gb / s per channel using cost-effective intensity-modulation and direct-detection(More)
A novel mode-selective optical packet switching, based on mode-multiplexers/demultiplexers and multi-port optical micro-electro-mechanical systems (MEMS) switches, has been proposed and experimentally demonstrated. The experimental demonstration was performed using the LP(01), LP(11a) and LP(11b) modes of a 30-km long mode-division multiplexed few-mode(More)
A quantitative comparison of up to 40 Gb/s low-cost orthogonal frequency-division multiplexing access (OFDMA)-passive optical networks (PON) implementations for both upstream (US) and downstream (DS) directions is evaluated based on different modulation and detection techniques.
Space division multiplexing (SDM) has been proposed to cost-effectively increase the capacity of optical transmission systems. The cost savings can be realized by introducing some levels of spatial integration of elements. However, spatial densification increases the crosstalk (XT) interactions among spatial channels. The XT is expected to be mitigated by(More)
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