N P Ablitsov

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The results of diagnosis and treatment of the thoracic outlet syndrome (TOS) in 35 patients have been analysed. Compression of the subclavicular neurovascular bundle at the site of its outlet from the thoracic cavity was most frequent cause of TOS development. A degree of compression was assessed quantitatively by the data of a modified functional dynamic(More)
The chemotaxic activity of neutrophil granulocytes was studied in 112 patients with duodenal ulcer disease complicated by perforation and peritonitis with a different degree of spreading. Sharp decrease in spontaneous migration of leukocytes (SML) was revealed in generalized peritonitis. In diffuse peritonitis, the index didn't differ from that in normal(More)
The results of treatment of 137 patients with acute cholecystitis complicated by cholangitis are presented. The causes and clinical signs, and tactics for operative treatment of the disease are described. Progressive hepatic failure is one of the causes of lethality. Use of the developed method of cholesorption permitted to reduce the incidence of hepatic(More)
In 47 patients with acute generalized peritonitis in the complex of therapeutic measures, the external drainage of the thoracic duct (EDTD) with subsequent lymphosorption (LS) was used. The effectiveness of treatment was judged about by the lymph and blood toxicity, and as well by contents of peptides with the molecular mass of from 300 to 1000 dalton. In(More)