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In this paper, a new subspace adaptive algorithm, for blind separation of convolutive mixture, is proposed. This algorithm can be decomposed into two steps: At rst, the convolutive mixture will be reduced to an instantaneous mixture (memoryless mixture), using a second-order statistics criterion based on subspace approach. The second step consists on the(More)
In this paper, a method of blind separation for convolved non-stationary signals (e.g., speech signals and music) is presented. Our method achieves blind separation by forcing mixed signals to uncorrelate with each other. The validity of the proposed method has been con rmed by a computer simulation and an experiment in an anechoic room [7]. In this paper,(More)
We propose a tactile-audio diagram, represented by a tactile pattern and linguistic information, as a new media for the blind. We have developed a vision substitution system which enables blind persons to read and write a diagram in the form of a tactile-audio diagram. The system consists of a personal computer, a tactile display with digitizer, an auditory(More)
Although it has been studied in some depth, texture characterization is still a challenging issue for real-life applications. In this study, we propose a multiresolution salient-point-based approach in the wavelet domain. This incorporates a two-phase feature extraction scheme. In the first phase, each wavelet subband (LH, HL, or HH) is used to compute(More)
For telecommunication systems, various compression and encryption techniques are proposed to satisfy a fast and secure transmission. However these two techniques have been studied separately. In this paper we propose a method combining encryption and compression based on independent component analysis (ICA) and Discrete Cosine Transform (DCT). For(More)
This paper propose a new recombination method, named redundancy-removed recombination, for linear genetic programming based image recognition program synthesis. The redundancy-removed recombination produces an offspring (by conventional crossover or mutation), and then adopts a canonical transformation to convert the offspring into its canonical form, in(More)
An anthryl-substituted exocyclic silene, 3-silylene-2-silaaziridine, was synthesized by isomerization of the corresponding disilacyclopropanimine. The UV-vis spectrum of the silene shows a distinct intramolecular charge transfer (ICT) transition from the π orbital of the Si═C double bond to the π* orbital of the anthryl moiety. The relatively high-lying(More)
"Super-exponential" methods (SEMs) are attractive algorithms for solving blind signal separation problems. Conventional SEMs are so sensitive to Gaussian noise that they cannot work in a noisy environment. To overcome this drawback, we proposed a new SEM , which does not utilise second-order statistics but only higher-order cumulants. Hence, the proposed(More)
Digital imaging has grown to become the prevalant technology for creating, processing, and storing digital memory and proof. Though this technology brings many leverage, it can be used as a ambiguous tool for covering details and evidences. This is because today digital images can be tampered in such supermacy that forgery cannot be find visually. In fact,(More)
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