N. Neophytou

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We study the effect of vacancies and charged impurities on the performance of carbon nanotube transistors by self-consistently solving the three-dimensional Poisson and Schrödinger equations. We find that a single vacancy or charged impurity can decrease the drive current by more than 25% from the ballistic current. The threshold voltage shift in the case(More)
This paper discusses the device physics of carbon nanotube field-effect transistors (CNTFETs). After reviewing the status of device technology, we use results of our numerical simulations to discuss the physics of CNTFETs emphasizing the similarities and differences with traditional FETs. The discussion shows that our understanding of CNTFET device physics(More)
In this work, we measure the thermal and thermoelectric properties of large-area Si0.8Ge0.2 nano-meshed films fabricated by DC sputtering of Si0.8Ge0.2 on highly ordered porous alumina matrices. The Si0.8Ge0.2 film replicated the porous alumina structure resulting in nano-meshed films. Very good control of the nanomesh geometrical features (pore diameter,(More)
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