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Effects of irreversible mixing are incorporated to the finite-amplitude theory for eddy-mean flow interaction on the quasigeostrophic beta plane through a diffusive flux of potential vorticity (PV). The theory is built on the advection-diffusion-reaction equation for PV and connects (a) finite-amplitude wave activity (negative of pseudomomentum) A, defined(More)
Among the varied adaptations for avian flight, the morphological traits allowing large-bodied albatrosses to capitalize on wind and wave energy for efficient long-distance flight are unparalleled. Consequently, the biogeographic distribution of most albatrosses is limited to the windiest oceanic regions on earth; however, exceptions exist. Species breeding(More)
In this paper, we propose the concept and design of Green-oriented Never Die Network Management Framework for aiming to solve the problem of ICT which is facing global-scale environmental changes such as frequent earthquakes of devastating scale and trend of warm temperature. We will integrate the results of R&D we have been investigating so far:(More)
Recently the evidence of the neutrinoless double β (0νββ) decay has been announced. This means that neutrinos are Majorana particles and their mass hierarchy is forced to inverted mass hierarchy (Type B) or degenerate mass (Type C) patterns in the diagonal basis of charged lepton mass matrix. We estimate the magnitude of 0νββ decay in the degenerate(More)
In wireless network RTS/CTS frame exchange protocol is widely used to avoid packet collisions. However, the protocol lacks the ability to release the reserved but unused channel. For Mobile Ad hoc NETworks (MANET), this often keeps the channel unnecessarily inaccessible, resulting in inefficient channel utilization. In this paper , we propose innovative(More)