N. N. Zhukova

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Statistical characteristics of scattered electromagnetic waves by turbulent magnetized plasma slab with electron density and magnetic field fluctuations are considered via the perturbation method and boundary conditions. Magnetic field fluctuates both in magnitude and direction. Analytical expressions for the component of scattered electric field,(More)
Quantity of estrogen- and progesterone-specific binding sites was measured in endometrial tissues of 10 females treated with danazol during 3 month in a dose of 400 mg per day after surgical treatment for endometriosis. It was demonstrated that the amount of estrogen receptors in endometrium of the patients was the same as in endometrial tissue of healthy(More)
Paper considers some aspects of the relationship between scintillation level of scattered radiation and anisotropic plasma irregularities in the collision turbulent magnetized plasma. Analytical calculations have been carried out using modify smooth perturbation method taking into account both diffraction effects and polarization coefficients of both(More)
Danazol (17~-pregn-4-en-20-ino-2,3-isoxazol-17-ol) has an antiestrogenic and antigestagenic action and can inhibit gonadotropin secretion [4]. This preparation has found extensive application in the treatment of various forms of endometriosis. Despite the intensive study of the molecular mechanism of action of danazol, no unambiguous ideas have yet been(More)
AIM Isolation and study of molecular genetic characteristics of pandemic influenza virus A (H1N1) circulated in Amur region in autumn 2009 as well as testing of serum samples taken from citizens of this region during November- December 2009 in order to measure levels of antibodies to socially significant serotypes of influenza A virus. MATERIALS AND(More)
Second order statistical moment of the ordinary and extraordinary waves scattered by turbulent magnetized plasma slab with electron density and magnetic field fluctuations is analytically calculated applying the perturbation method. Numerical calculations are carried out for the anisotropic Gaussian fluctuation spectrum at different anisotropy factor and(More)
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