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Inorganic pyrophosphate (PP i ) is the product of the polymerization reaction catalyzed by DNA- and RNA-polymerases. A number of novel non-hydrolsable PP i analogues was synthesized; some of them inhibited the polymerization reaction catalyzed by hepatitis C virus RNA-dependent RNA-polymerase (NS5B). A new pharmacophore based on a non-hydrolysable(More)
Inorganic pyrophosphate (PPi) mimetics designed on a basis of methylenediphosphonic acid backbone are promising inhibitors of two key HIV replication enzymes, IN [1] and RT [2]. Herein, we present chemical synthesis of eleven methylenebisphosphonates (BPs) with their NMR and HRMS analysis synthesized via five different ways. Also, we present data on(More)
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