N. N. S. S. R. K. Prasad

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Recent works in speech recognition technology, classification techniques is focused on models, such as support vector machines (SVMs), in order to improve the generalization ability of the machine learning for noisy environments. However kernel function plays a vital role in the generalization ability of the SVMs. This paper address, the issue of noise(More)
This paper discusses about the design of tracking filter for airborne multifunction active phased array long range radars. The radar under consideration has surveillance as primary function, where “track-while-scan (TWS) mode” of tracking is performed. In addition to surveillance, the radar has to perform closed loop tracking on priority(More)
The unique feature of MCPC signal is pulse diversity along with high range resolution where each pulse in each frequency is complementary to one another. These properties play an important role in attracting the interests of researchers in designing waveform for radar systems. Multifrequency radar signal uses N subcarriers simultaneously with each(More)
Personal Networks - is prominent network architecture in realization of the next generation wireless communication systems due its built-in user-centriness. As end-users most often desire control, having strong privacy constrains and technology-oriented approaches are not often usable. The engineers should think their solutions as a white box, not as a(More)
Classifiers in Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) aims to improve the generalization ability of the machine learning and improve the recognition accuracy in noisy environments. This paper discusses the classification performance of Hidden Markov Models (HMM) and Support Vector Machines (SVM) applied to a wavelet front end based ASR. The experiments are(More)
There is a constant demand for improved performance of fighter aircraft as there is a rapid change in threat scenario. There is need for advanced flight control system to meet this demand for providing improved performance with ease of maintenance. This paper brings out the advanced distributed digital flight control system with built in prognosis features.(More)
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