N. N. Ozyurt

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Submarine groundwater discharge (SGD) is now recognized as an important pathway between land and sea. As such, this flow may contribute to the biogeochemical and other marine budgets of near-shore waters. These discharges typically display significant spatial and temporal variability making assessments difficult. Groundwater seepage is patchy, diffuse,(More)
BACKGROUND Millions of Muslims fast from dawn until dusk during the annual Islamic holy month of Ramadan. Most of the studies evaluating biochemical changes in diabetic patients during Ramadan showed little changes in the glycemic control. In this study, our aim was to assess the impact of fasting during Ramadan on glycemic control in patients with type 2(More)
The Gacka River basin aquifer is a highly-developed karst system, located in the Croatian Dinarides. It is mostly composed of permeable Jurassic and Cretaceous carbonate rocks, and clastic sedimentary rocks of Paleogene age. Gacka River provides high quality water for the town of Otočac and several villages; together with the neighboring Lika River, the(More)
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