N N Nayak

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Human leukocyte antigens (HLA) or histocompatibility molecules are glycoproteins that play a pivotal role in the development of an effective immune response. An important function of the HLA molecules is the ability to bind and present antigen peptides to T lymphocytes. Presently there is no comprehensive way of predicting and energetically evaluating(More)
Serial phrenic nerve conduction studies in 3 patients with high cervical cord injuries have demonstrated a pattern of function that changes with time. Nerves may be responsive initially and may then become unresponsive only to have responses reappear at a later date. Before a final decision is made about phrenic nerve viability prior to diaphragm pacing,(More)
Let () () () () be a sequence of mutually independent, identically distributed random variables following semi-stable distribution with characteristic function (()). In this work, we obtain the lower bound of the number of real zeros of the random algebraic equation∑ (). () denote the number of real roots must (⁄) , except for a set of measure at most .
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