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Cortical and dorsal column nuclei somatosensory evoked potentials (SEP) induced by electrical stimulation of the median nerve were recorded and analysed in 16 healthy volunteers practising transcendental meditation (TM) for two years. The records were performed before and during TM. The SEP changes during TM consisted of an increase in early SEP components(More)
Somatosensory and visual evoked potentials (EPs) of the brain of 17 sensitive subjects (extrasenses) and 12 ordinary healthy subjects were studied. It was found that during extrasensory activity (direct impact, meditation) in comparison to rest values, the amplitude of intermediate and late components of visual and somatosensory EPs of both hemispheres and(More)
The neurone activity was studied in the posterior ventrolateral nucleus of the thalamus in acute experiments on unanesthetized cats. About 20% of the neurons studied proved to react to the visual and somatosensory stimulation. By the character of reaction to these stimuli the polymodal neurons could be divided into three groups. In elaboration of the active(More)
One year after surgical section of the optical tract, the degenerative changes were found in the deafferented lateral geniculate bodies (LGB). The changes were species-dependent. In cats, the cytoarchitectonics was preserved, local neuronal losses and layers thinning absent. In night-active apes, with cytoarchitectonic image preserved and focal neuron(More)
Studies were carried out on cats by bipolar electrodes implanted into symmetrical points of somatosensory cortical areas, caudate nuclei, hippocampus, lateral geniculate bodies, reticular formation of the midbrain after section of the half of midbrain tegmentum and commissural systems of the brain. Animals with sections usually have asymmetry of sleep EEG.(More)
Elaboration of an active defensive reflex (ADR) was studied on intact animals (I) and on cats after a combined section of the optic tract and the commissural systems of the midbrain (II) and after a combined section of the optic tract and the commissural systems of the telencephalon and the diencephalon (III). On the first days of elaboration, the(More)