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Standardization of inpatient toxicological care is an urgent task to reduce mortality from acute chemical poisonings. Since 2005, health care standards and patient management protocols in poisonings with psychotropic and hypnotic agents, ethanol and other alcohols, and ethylene glycol have been developed and work is in progress on standards for intoxication(More)
A combination of benzene (5.0 mg/l) or cadmium (0.01 mg/l) with nitrosodimethylamine (drinking water, 9 months) produced a significantly higher tumor incidence in female CBA X C57B1/6 mouse hybrids. The said agents are capable of modifying the carcinogenicity of other substances when present in water in concentrations exceeding the permissible one.
Aniline and ethanol properties modifying carcinogenesis were revealed in chronic 12-month experiment with 500 females of hybrid CBAXC57Bl/6 mice. The drugs were administered with water in combination with nitrosodiethylamine. The absence of a modifying effect in groups with carbon tetrachloride and benzene is attributed to the fact that concentrations of(More)