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To investigate the regulatory effects of somatodendritic D2 receptors on the terminal's extracellular dopamine (DA) concentration, a D2 antagonist (eticlopride) was infused directly into the ventral tegmental area via a microdialysis probe in chloral hydrate-anesthetized rats. Extracellular DA changes in both the nucleus accumbens (N ACC) and the medial(More)
AIM To assess the survival rate of root filled cracked teeth over a 2-year period in a tertiary institute. METHODOLOGY Forty-nine patients who had root canal treatment completed on their cracked teeth at the National Dental Centre (Singapore) were recalled for a 2-year review. Collected review data included presence of periodontal pocketing, sinus tract(More)
Two case reports with dens evaginatus are presented. Each patient had one tooth affected. There was a prominent tubercle on the occlusal surface of the mandibular second premolar. Under local anesthesia and rubber dam isolation a partial pulpotomy was conducted and mineral trioxide aggregate was placed. After 6 months the teeth were removed as part of(More)
AIM To evaluate the in vitro antimicrobial effect of chlorhexidine-impregnated gutta percha points, Roeko activ point (Roeko, Langenau, Germany) on Enterococcus faecalis. METHODOLOGY Human maxillary premolar roots were prepared with.04 rotary ProFile instruments to a master apical file size 40, autoclave-sterilized and then infected with E. faecalis (ATCC(More)
In this study, optical spectroscopy was used to monitor a chromogenic, enzyme-substrate reaction for the rapid identification of Enterococcus faecalis. The detection system, comprising a miniature spectrophotometer and an accompanying data acquisition system, was placed in an incubator. During testing, a 3-ml test sample was placed in a cuvette within the(More)
The aim of this study was to investigate the risk factors for adverse drug reactions (ADRs) to nimesulide in patients from Shanghai with osteoarthropathy. A retrospective epidemiological study was performed to obtain information (observational variables) on demographics, primary disease, family history of disease, quality of life, dietary habits, lifestyle,(More)
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