N. N. Alexandrov

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We propose new empirical scoring potentials and associated alignment procedures for optimally aligning protein sequences to protein structures. The method has two main applications: first, the recognition of a plausible fold for a protein sequence of unknown structure out of a database of representative protein structures and, second, the improvement of(More)
A new algorithm for aligning several sequences based on the calculation of a consensus matrix and the comparison of all the sequences using this consensus matrix is described. This consensus matrix contains the preference scores of each nucleotide/amino acid and gaps in every position of the alignment. Two modifications of the algorithm corresponding to the(More)
The paper describes a new software package DNASUN developed for supporting gene engineering laboratories. The package provides a user-friendly interface for experimental researches and supports the traditional nucleotide/protein sequence analysis as well as physical mapping, sequencing, plasmid manipulations, optimal oligonucleotide probe selection and(More)
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