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Cloud computing, a relatively new technology, has been gaining immense popularity over the last few years. The number of cloud users has been growing exponentially and apparently scheduling of virtual machines in the cloud becomes an important issue to analyze. This paper throws light on the various scheduling algorithms present for scheduling virtual(More)
Emotion recognition helps to recognize the internal expressions of the individuals from the speech database. In this paper, Dynamic time warping (DTW) technique is utilized to recognize speaker independent Emotion recognition based on 39 MFCC features. A large audio of around 960 samples of isolated words of five different emotions are collected and(More)
This article address a novel emotion recognition system based on the Truncated Gaussian mixture model .The proposed system has been experimented over an gender independent emotion recognition database In the recent past, many models have been listed in the literature based on the emotion recognition, but these papers are more focused towards the speech,(More)
At present cloud computing is going to be very famous technology in IT enterprises. For a company, the data stored is huge and it is very precious. All functions are performed through networks. Thus, it becomes very important to have the secured use of data. In cloud computing, the ultimate important concerns of security are data security and(More)
This work presents the analysis and performance of connecting two wind power generation systems with the energy storage at the dc side. Energy storage is desirable to be installed to keep constant output from the wind power generation system. The DC connection of two wind power generation system helps to exchange power between the two systems and can(More)
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