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An algorithm is described for solving sparse symmetric sets of linear equations whose matrix is positive defimte. An incomplete factonzation is formed and used to precondition the matrix for conjugate gradients and hence greatly reduce the number of iterations needed. The problem of choosing a reasonably accurate factorization without having too many(More)
The isotope signatures registered in speleothems during tropical cyclones (TC) provides information about the frequency and intensity of past TCs but the precise relationship between isotopic composition and the meteorology of TCs remain uncertain. Here we present continuous δ18O and δ2H data in rainfall and water vapour, as well as in discrete rainfall(More)
Melioidosis is an often fatal infectious disease affecting humans and animals in tropical regions and is caused by the saprophytic environmental bacterium Burkholderia pseudomallei. Domestic gardens are not only a common source of exposure to soil and thus to B. pseudomallei, but they also have been found to contain more B. pseudomallei than other(More)
Major and trace elements were measured in sponges, seawater and sediment in Darwin Harbour (Australia) to test the hypothesis that metals are elevated in sponges closer to a sewage outfall compared with unimpacted sites. Seawater and sediment at the sewage discharge site contained high, but localised, concentrations of phosphorus (P), manganese (Mn), iron(More)
Reconstructing the dynamic response of the Antarctic ice sheets to warming during the Last Glacial Termination (LGT; 18,000-11,650 yrs ago) allows us to disentangle ice-climate feedbacks that are key to improving future projections. Whilst the sequence of events during this period is reasonably well-known, relatively poor chronological control has precluded(More)
Several previous studies have investigated the use of the stable hydrogen and oxygen isotope compositions in plant materials as indicators of palaeoclimate. However, accurate interpretation relies on a detailed understanding of both physiological and environmental drivers of the variations in isotopic enrichments that occur in leaf water and associated(More)
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