N. Mohan Rao

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BACKGROUND In the backdrop of conflicting reports (some studies reported adverse outcomes of biomass fuel use whereas few studies reported absence of any association between adverse health effect and fuel use, may be due to presence of large number of confounding variables) on the respiratory health effects of biomass fuel use, this cross sectional survey(More)
BACKGROUND Immunoglobulin E and associated cellular responses are responsible for allergic airway diseases. A hypersensitivity reaction initiated by immunologic mechanisms, mediated by IgE antibodies occurs in allergic asthma AIM To estimate and compare serum IgE levels in mild, moderate, and severe asthmatics and in normal subjects and to obtain a(More)
Chordomas are distinct tumors which arise almost exclusively in the midline skeleton, from skull base to the sacrum. Chondroid chordoma is a rare form of chordoma with features of chordoma and chondrosarcoma arising almost at skull base. We report a case of a right parasellar chondroid chordoma in 54 years old female. Histopathology and IHC confirm the(More)
BACKGROUND Bronchial asthma is a chronic disorder of the airways. Bronchial asthma can be broadly categorized into atopic and nonatopic based on the immunological status, which may be helpful to plan appropriate treatment. In this study, the cytokine profile of the blood was estimated to evaluate the difference between the atopic and the nonatopic(More)
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