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Opinion Polls can be used as a means to reach weak agreement, an idea introduced by the LOCKSS system [1]. In this paper, we investigate a set of protocols that achieve data resilience for the long-term using a peer-to-peer network, where mutually untrusted peers are loosely organized. Peers use Opinion Polls to heal corrupted copies of data items instead(More)
BACKGROUND Over the last decade, inventorying and monitoring of marine biodiversity has significantly benefited from the active engagement of volunteers. Although several Citizen Science projects concern tropical reef ecosystems worldwide, none of the existing initiatives has yet specifically focused on their Mediterranean equivalents. Mediterranean(More)
BACKGROUND During recent years, X-ray microtomography (micro-CT) has seen an increasing use in biological research areas, such as functional morphology, taxonomy, evolutionary biology and developmental research. Micro-CT is a technology which uses X-rays to create sub-micron resolution images of external and internal features of specimens. These images can(More)
OBJECTIVE To investigate the effect of a two-third reduction of the scanned length (i.e. 10 cm) on diagnosis of both pulmonary embolism (PE) and alternative diseases. METHODS 247 consecutive patients suspected of acute PE had a CT pulmonary angiography (CTPA) of the thorax (standard length, L). Based on this acquisition, a second set of images was created(More)
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