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Genes of the Hox cluster are restricted to the animal kingdom and play a central role in axial patterning in divergent animal phyla. Despite its evolutionary and developmental significance, the origin of the Hox gene cluster is obscure. The consensus is that a primordial Hox cluster arose by tandem gene duplication close to animal origins. Several homeobox(More)
Current acoustic speech recognition technology performs well with very small vocabularies in noise or with large vocabularies in very low noise. Accurate acoustic speech recognition in noise with vocabularies over 100 words has yet to be achieved. Humans frequently lipread the visible facial speech articulations to enhance speech recognition, especially(More)
An audiovisual speech synthesiser has been built that will generate animated computer-graphics displays of high-resolution, colour images of a speaker's mouth area. The visual displays can simulate the movements of the lower face of a talker for any spoken sentence of British English, given a text input. The synthesiser is based on a data-driven technique.(More)
The HB9 homeobox gene has been cloned from several vertebrates and is implicated in motor neuron differentiation. In the chick, a related gene, MNR2, acts upstream of HB9 in this process. Here we report an amphioxus homologue of these genes and show that it diverged before the gene duplication yielding HB9 and MNR2. AmphiMnx RNA is detected in two irregular(More)
  • M E Demorest, L E Bernstein Computational, +11 authors Alexander H Waibel A
  • 1993
recognize 10 isolated letters and used artificial markers on the lips. No visual feature extraction was integrated into their model. Also of interest are some psychological studies about human speechreading and their approach to describe the human performance. This measurements could also be applied to the performance analysis of automated speechreading(More)
performed both acoustic-only and visual-only speech recognition systems for both speaker independent and dependent cases. It is important to note that a set of as few as three labial geometric features is sufficient to improve the recognition rate by as much as 20% (from 62%, with acoustic-only information, to 82%, with audiovisual information at SNR = 0(More)
Bankhead Reservoir of the Black Warrior River is designated for swimming (S), fish and wildlife (F&W), and to be used as a public water source (PWS). The water quality of Bankhead is impacted by both point and nonpoint source pollution. Only a limited number of intensive studies have been conducted on Bankhead Reservoir due to the cost and resources(More)