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We have designed, synthesized, and evaluated the inhibitory activity and metabolic stability of new peptidomimetic molecular tongs based on a naphthalene scaffold for inhibiting HIV-1 protease dimerization. Peptidomimetic motifs were inserted into one peptidic strand to make it resistant to proteolysis. The peptidic character of the molecular tongs can be(More)
New "molecular tongs" based on naphthalene and quinoline scaffolds linked to two peptidic strands were synthesized. They were designed to prevent dimerization of HIV-1 protease by targeting the antiparallel beta-sheet involving N- and C-termini of each monomer. Compared to "molecular tongs" previously described (Bouras, A.; Boggetto, N.; Benatalah, Z.; de(More)
Three exact solutions are obtained for flow through porous media, as governed by the Darcy–Lapwood–Brinkman model, for a given vorticity distribution. The resulting flow fields are identified as reversing flows; stagnation point flows; and flows over a porous flat plate with blowing or suction. Dependence of the flow Reynolds number on the permeability of(More)
Introduction: Qualitative geophysical and geological investigations at terrestrial impacts structures can reveal that a variety of signatures can result from impact-induced physical changes in targeted rocks. Any conclusion about their extraterrestrial origin depends on the reliability of the information provided by field data collection and analysis. At(More)
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