N. Menaa

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We present measurements of D--> KS0 pi and D--> KL0 pi branching fractions using 281 pb(-1) of psi(3770) data at the CLEO-c experiment. We find that B(D0--> KS0 pi 0) is larger than B(D0--> KL0 pi 0), with an asymmetry of R(D0)=0.108+/-0.025+/-0.024. For B(D+--> KS0 pi+) and B(D+--> KL0 pi+), we observe no measurable difference; the asymmetry is(More)
In this Letter, we describe a search for lepton flavor violation (LFV) in the bottomonium system. We search for leptonic decays Upsilon(nS)-->mutau (n=1, 2, and 3) using the data collected with the CLEO III detector. We identify the tau lepton using its leptonic decay nu_{tau}nu[over ]_{e}e and utilize multidimensional likelihood fitting with probability(More)
Using a 281 pb{-1} data sample collected at the psi(3770) with the CLEO-c detector, we present the first absolute branching fraction measurement of the decay D0-->K(-)pi(+)pi(-)e(+)nu(e) at a statistical significance of about 4.0 standard deviations. We find 10 candidates consistent with the decay D0-->K(-)pi(+)pi(-)e(+)nu(e). The probability that a(More)
The decay psi(2S) --> etaJ/psi is used to measure, for the first time, all prominent eta-meson branching fractions with the same experiment in the same dataset, thereby providing a consistent treatment of systematics across branching fractions. We present results for eta decays to gamma gamma, pi(+)pi(-)pi(0), 3pi(0), pi(+)pi(-)gamma and e(+)e(-)gamma,(More)
Using data collected with the CLEO III detector at the CESR e+e- collider, we report on a first observation of the decay Upsilon(3S)-->tau+tau-, and precisely measure the ratio of branching fractions of Upsilon(nS), n=1, 2, 3, to tau+tau- and mu+mu- final states, finding agreement with expectations from lepton universality. We derive absolute branching(More)
We present the first study of the vector (Wess-Zumino) current in tau(-)-->K-pi-K+nu(tau) decay using data collected with the CLEO III detector at the Cornell Electron Storage Ring. We determine the quantitative contributions to the decay width from the vector and axial vector currents. Within the framework of a model by Kühn and Mirkes, we identify the(More)
Using 281 pb −1 of e + e − collisions recorded at the ψ(3770) resonance with the CLEO-c detector at CESR, we determine absolute hadronic branching fractions of charged and neutral D mesons using a double tag technique. Among measurements for three D 0 and six D + modes, we obtain reference branching fractions B(D 0 → K − π +) = (3.891 ± 0.035 ± 0.059 ±(More)
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