N Melisaratos

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This is an introductory report for the Brief Symptom Inventory (BSI), a brief psychological self-report symptom scale. The BSI was developed from its longer parent instrument, the SCL-90-R, and psychometric evaluation reveals it to be an acceptable short alternative to the complete scale. Both test--retest and internal consistency reliabilities are shown to(More)
The present report summarizes work to date on the Derogatis Sexual Functioning Inventory (DSFI), a multidimensional measure of human sexual functioning. We discuss the rationale for the test as well as the selection of the primary domains of measurement. Reliability coefficients for the various subtests are given, and a review section on validation studies(More)
Thirty-five women with metastatic breast cancer received a battery of baseline psychological tests; results were correlated with length of survival. Patients who died in less than one year from baseline were categorized as short-term survivors, while patients who lived for one year or longer were assigned to the long-term survivor group. The long-term(More)
The present study examined the prescription practices concerning psychotropic drugs in 5 major oncology centers over a 6 month period. During the survey period 1579 patients were admitted to the collaborating institutions, and 51% of them were prescribed at least one psychotropic medication. Hypnotics were the most frequently prescribed drugs, accounting(More)
The present study sought to assess the influence of gender and previous sexual experience regarding the structure of the basic sexual behavior hierarchy. Results indicated that both gender and previous experience have significant effects. Overall, gender appeared to have a less substantial effect than previous experience, being more noteworthy for the(More)
The interrater reliability and validity of brief interview rated measures of psychosocial adjustment were examined in four sequential studies. A total of 25 videotaped interviews with cancer patients were rated by 105 social workers, nurses, physicians, and specialists in psychosocial oncology. The Rating of Psychosocial Function (RPF), Coping Adequacy(More)