N. Meenakshisundaram

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We present a computational model that highlights the role of basal ganglia (BG) in generating simple reaching movements. The model is cast within the reinforcement learning (RL) framework with correspondence between RL components and neuroanatomy as follows: dopamine signal of substantia nigra pars compacta as the temporal difference error, striatum as the(More)
We analyze certain eigenstates of the quantum baker's map and demonstrate, using the Walsh-Hadamard transform, the emergence of the ubiquitous Thue-Morse sequence, a simple sequence that is at the border between quasiperiodicity and chaos, and hence is a good paradigm for quantum chaotic states. We show a family of states that are also simply related to the(More)
A wet chemical approach was used to synthesis HAp-chitosan-gelatin nanocomposites at different wt.% of chitosan-gelatin (CG) ratios such as CG-00, CG-40, CG-31, CG-22, CG-13 and CG-04. XRD analysis confirms the formation of HAp on nanocomposite matrix and the decreased crystallite size was found with the decrease in chitosan and increase in gelatin(More)
We introduce a class of functions that limit to multifractal measures and which arise when one takes the Fourier transform of the Hadamard transform. This introduces generalizations of the Fourier transform of the well-studied and ubiquitous Thue-Morse sequence, and introduces also generalizations to other intriguing sequences. We show their relevance to(More)
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