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The Drosophila nuclear lamin is highly phosphorylated during interphase. Two interphase isoforms, differing in degree of phosphorylation, can be distinguished by one-dimensional SDS-polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis. One migrates with an apparent mass of 74 kDa (lamin Dm1); the other is more highly phosphorylated and migrates as a 76 kDa protein (lamin(More)
Stage 14 Drosophila oocytes are arrested in first meiotic metaphase. A cell-free extract of these oocytes catalyzes apparent disassembly of purified Drosophila nuclei as well as of nuclear lamin polymers formed in vitro from isolated interphase lamins. Biochemically, the oocyte extract catalyzes lamin solubilization and phosphorylation as well as(More)
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