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In this paper the major objective is to design and analyze the suitability of Gaussian similarity measure for intrusion detection. The objective is to use this as a distance measure to find the distance between any two data samples of training set such as DARPA Data Set, KDD Data Set. This major objective is to use this measure as a distance metric when(More)
Intrusion Detection is one of the major threats for any organization of any size. The approach of intrusion detection using text processing has been one of the research interests among researchers working in the area of the network and information security. In this approach for intrusion detection, the system calls serve as the source for mining and(More)
The problem of clustering is NP-Complete. The existing clustering algorithm in literature is the approximate algorithms, which cluster the underlying data differently for different datasets. The K-Means Clustering algorithm is suitable for frequency but not for binary form. When an application runs several system calls are implicitly invoked in the(More)
Text can be thought as the combination of characters. In the environment where the size of unstructured text data is hugely more, to process such data by computers is a challenging task. To extract meaningful and useful patterns from the text, some pre-processing methods and algorithms are required. Feature selection or Reduct generation intends to(More)
Mining medical datasets is a challenging problem before data mining researchers as these datasets have several hidden challenges compared to conventional datasets. Starting from the collection of samples through field experiments and clinical trials to performing classification, there are numerous challenges at every stage in the mining process. The(More)
Medical records are very crucial and sensitive data. These records need to be maintained with maximum security preventing it from any kind of misuse. The medical records are sent to a research institute for analysis of the record or to figure out the cure for the disease. The data can be modified in the channel or might be misused by the third party agent(More)
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