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The planning and installation of a telemedicine system for communication within a teaching hospital and its academic and hospital units with a capacity for accommodation of up to 400 video-stations is described. The system is intended for improving the communication between patients and health professionals, and between the health professionals themselves.(More)
A global 24-hour telemedicine conference entitled, "Moving with the Sun" was successfully completed on June 30 and July 1 1997 between participants from Hong Kong and China, as well as with sixteen major international medical centres around the globe. In addition to celebrating the return of Hong Kong to the People's Republic of China, the conference also(More)
Telemedicine has been shown to have a considerable impact in medical education, conferencing and consultation. As a result, the People's Republic of China has been keen to develop telemedicine. In her attempts to further the development of telemedicine, China has looked to the progress of medical services in Western countries such as Europe and North(More)
available, and many other factors. The list in Table 3 is by no means exhaustive and has been designed to facilitate the decision as to whether a given instrument is practicable under the conditions prevailing in the laboratory concerned. These criteria cannot be assessed as objectively as those given previously. Conclusions Consideration of the above(More)
Introduction Automatic chemistry as generally understood in developed countries has little place in the health care of the developing world. The workloads in rural areas do not justify the use of large complex analysers and usually there are not the necessary technological support facilties, suitable power supply or favourable economic and climatic(More)
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