N. M. Smith

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An experiment was performed to test whether cross-modal speaker matches could be made using isolated visible speech movement information. Visible speech movements were isolated using a point-light technique. In five conditions, subjects were asked to match a voice to one of two (unimodal) speaking point-light faces on the basis of speaker identity. Two of(More)
We tested whether isolated visible articulatory information can be used for identifying familiar speakers. A facial point-light methodology was used to isolate the visible articulation of seven speakers. These point-light video clips were then shown to nine participants who had long-term personal interactions with the speakers. Results revealed that(More)
Development of a concept inventory to assess students' understanding and reasoning difficulties about the properties and formation of stars. A concept inventory for molecular life sciences: how will it help your teaching practice. Development of a concept inventory addressing students' beliefs and reasoning difficulties regarding the greenhouse effect, Part(More)
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