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In wireless multimedia sensor networks coverage area and redundant sensor are a major problem thus throughput is minimum and more delay .In order to optimize the network coverage, use a coverage-enhancing algorithm based on overlap-sense ratio. By adjusting the sensing directions of the nodes, the coverage area is increased with the reduction of complexity.(More)
This paper is to identify the selfish Nodes and also improved the overall network performance in Mobile Adhoc network (MANET). In MANET, using the wireless connection, mobile devices are connected and the nodes freely move where it wants to communicate with each other. All nodes are participated in packet forwarding in order to cooperate with each node.(More)
— There is a growing need to digitize and automate the available data in the world and make it available through a digital library. But, the conventional methods of storage and retrieval of data in the form of logical data structure of a database management (DBMS) cannot totally satisfy the requirements for a conceptual definition of data, because it is(More)
The main objective of the Economic Dispatch (ED) problem is to find optimal allocation of output power among the various generators available to serve the system load. It is necessary to incorporate wind and pumped storage plants in classical economic dispatch problem due to the increase in the use of renewable energy sources. The cost of power generation(More)
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